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    Discusses the approach to, appropriateness, pros and cons of homeschooling an only child. Learn if it is suitable for you, and pitfalls.

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    chris james

    Great post!!! Thank you for sharing ideas about homeschooling. Every online education are not sure that it will be good for your children. Do proper research regarding online homeschooling is accredited or not. My friend recommend me about, The Ogburn online school for my kids.


    Carol Roberts

    The problem with home schooling is that there’s no interaction with another child. It would be different if it wasn’t an only child. Children learn so much from going to a public/private school because they can interact with other children, learn who they are and how to talk to other children, without that, they may have a hard time talking to other children. That’s how I see it anyways.



    With more parents moving towards this type of schooling, there must be some good in it. When it comes to an only child however, it will be key to still socialize them with other people. If the education is good, then the only thing missing is the friends and the overall social experience.



    Bullying is growing at an alarming pace and I strongly consider homeschooling your child. I’m a graphic designer and most of the project are done from home so I can dedicate a lot more time for my son’s education. Right now I’m currently struggling with putting together a lesson plan but I’ll get there…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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