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    Dear Jesus

    In Santa Claus, i really believe, but he never came to me so, you are my last hope.

    Looking out the window at Russia, I see aggression, in the same time my butt feels amiss from the west,
    so it’s hard for me to sleep at night.
    So I slept well, Mom gives me wine, after which I want to smoke, and i have to steal cigarettes from my father,
    I sometimes get weird cigarettes, after which I stay well.
    On certain days, by the night, when my parents have a lot of fun, they kick me out to my friends. I don’t know why they do it, but I do not lose heart
    and I made a hut near the house
    with one floor above ground and one below ground.
    There squirrels bring me nuts.
    I have to eat nuts with squirrels to gain strength.
    When I gain strength, I like to go to school before anyone else.
    First to clean up in our class.
    I have to leave last, because I need to write homework for my friends.
    For that they let me go to school. Where I can see the most beautiful girl in our city.
    I saw you in our church, on the icon, where you smiled at me.
    They said you were almighty and, you are everywhere.
    Please pass the letter to Santa Claus when you meet him.
    Tell him, I’m waiting for christmas the Sega Mega Drive 16 bit.
    But my mother told me not to give anyone our address. I don`t know what she is hiding.
    Instead of our address, she gave me a paypal address.
    if you give out even a second to me i will be the most happy in the world.

    Thank you so much!

    Joni Grey

    My paypal address, joni.grey@luukku.com
    I really want to emigrate to paypal

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