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    Only with an Only

    Of course this is a pro only-child website. It is a supportive resource for parents of onlies so we need not feel inadequate for only having one child, often through no fault of our own.


    Only with an Only

    As an only child myself I can attest that alone time is great. Playing alone helped me develop a talent for voice impersonations that all my friends loved, as well as a passion for reading that persists to this day. I am glad I don’t have any siblings, and I am hard pressed to think of any of my “siblinged” friends who didn’t resent theirs, my wife included.



    Its interesting that this article mentions the importance of “couplehoold time”. We had a lot of arguments and went to bed without resolving them. That’s when some of out friends were mentioning the importance of mom and dad being on the same page. It is so apt for parents of only children more than anyone else.

    We chose to have an only child, and both are totally devoted parents- not helipcopter parents I can assure you.

    So this piece of advice should be taken to heart all you moms and dads out there!



    But sometimes it is very difficult to make out the difference between my only child being alone and feeling lonely.
    She is only 4 years old, and at this age they really cannot analyze their feelings, and even more importantly, can’t express themselves clearly. Its left to me or her dad to analyze what exactly she is feeling. Very frustrating, but I guess things will start changing as she gets a little bit older.



    In fact, how many people ask themselves the question “Why do I need to have a child” before having a child. Think deep down inside. I know of a lot of people who had the frist child as a biological side effect of intimacy. And then they start thinking about how to provide for the child etc. That’s when many of them decided one was enough. So, there you have it- accidental only children. hhhhhhrh gets me really upset.
    Meanwhile women like me having been trying to have a baby for years. We know why, we have the resoures, but biology does not favor us. I am jealous.
    But when the one comes along (which the doc says will be soon), I think I will stick with just one child.



    These are just generic comments. It doesn’t help much. Just ommon sense.



    Hello every one with an only child!
    I guess you are here because you all feel it is kinda different to have a single child. So I would like to say this- people can be generally insensitive and sometimes outright rude and tell you how to run your family and how many kids to have. But most mean well. So lighten up, don’t say anything back to them when they make comments, and slowly they will get the message, at least most them will.


    mary had an only child

    Isn’t this whole stereotypes of only child relevant to the situation- like are the parents middle class or what, family income and lots of other factors?
    I guess that is why they call it stereotypes I guess 🙂
    My only DOES NOT fit the stereotype, but my wife fits it very well, and she is from a laaaaarge family. When the whole family gets together, its carnival time, and I end up having a lot of fun because they let me be by myself- beer and football keep my company and I enjoy it 🙂
    I am from a what you would call a mid-size family- 3 kids.
    Have fun guys (and gals)- your only child will grow up very fast. Its just one you have, so no second chances to watch them grow 😉



    I have often felt bad about my daughter, an only child, sitting in her room by herself and playing with all her dolls and the kitchen set.
    My husband keeps telling me its ok, just look at the way she is having fun, how engrossed she is in her play and so on.
    He is an only child, and he says he can not stand large families. We have an only child not by choice (secondary infertility).
    I still worry about my daughter being lonely. But over the course of time, I have realized that what my husband has been saying might be true afterall. She has grown up to become a very outgoing and friendly child. ANd very imaginative!!
    So all of you parents of onlies- take heart- just because they like play alone doesn’t mean they are feeling lonely.



    I always felt that when searching through my experience about only child pros and cons, it always comes out that one side of my brain projects all the pros and the other all the cons. Its a mixed bag of feelings!!!!

    The pros are that you can spend all your time on your only child. In this globalizing world, kids have to be competetive. I don’t mean pushing your kids to become nerds. What I am saying is that we need to spend quality time with our kids. And we should do it when they are open and happy to spend time with us parents. Not when they are in their teens when they are embarassed by our very sight.
    There are negative aspects also to the above. BUt smart parents know where to draw the line, and this cons and easily be turned to a pro situation.
    Spending money on our only child is just plain economics- there is more when you have fewer kids. Some (like the neo-rich) seem to inculcate the habbit of a flashy lifestyle, and this is a dangerous thing to do. Count this as a major negative.

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