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    Possible Disadvantages Of Home Schooling Your Only Child A school is not just a place for gaining knowledge and a graduation certificate- it is also a
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    Joe Blank

    Those are the big problems with homeschooling a child. I personally feel it’s best to go to an actual school, so that a child can interact with kids their age and get out of that shy phase that many kids have. I myself was home schooled for a few years and even though I loved it, I longed to see other kids. I had friends, but I was always home, being home schooled by my father. It was fun and all, and I feel like it’s a way better learning environment than an actual school, but kids need to interact with their kind, kids their age. And I didn’t have that early on as a kid.



    These days it will come down to the one income. So many families have to work to get two incomes and losing one of those can affect everyone in the family. It would be important to sit down and make sure it is worth the home education if you have to lose one income.



    My in-laws are completely against homeschooling, “If it was good for us, it’s good for her too!”. Well, I beg to differ but I just don’t know how to approach this so they change their minds. I have the time and the energy, plus I know the many benefits homeschooling has so it would be a huge mistake not to give this a go and see if I can go through it.

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