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    Dealing With The Only Child’s Adolescence With the onset of his adolescence, you may start experiencing minor fissures in your relationship with your
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    T Barron

    It’s always reassuring to receive confirmation that one’s own experience, as the parent of an only child, is not unique… but instead quite common. In fact, one may take some comfort from the thought that, when your child exhibits rebellious behavior, they are actually passing through what is yet another of the normal stages that occur in the transition from child to adult. Please recognize that this period presents seriously difficult challenges for the parent, as well as the child, and that although you might feel sad, stressed out, fearful, worried about under- or over-reacting, etc., you should actually be more worried about your child’s development if they AREN’T exhibiting the behavior.

    Best of luck weathering the experience!


    Kimberly Hampton

    The thing about kids growing up is the rebellious stage. I understand why it happens, I’ve been there, and I was once rebellious. I must admit, it is a weird stage in life. Parents have a hard time dealing with it, but it happens.

    We all went through that stage in life, and I really feel it’ll make things easier when my child goes through it. I think the best way of dealing with it is to be strong and wait, because it doesn’t last forever.



    Teenagers are hard to deal with for everyone, but I think that time of life is harder on them than the parents. Parents need to understand what the child is going through and help them along. You post some very relevant information about that here. Thanks!



    Teenage years were tough for all of us. I remember changing from the girl that always listens to her parents to the one that said no just to disagree with them. Have patience, keep all channels opened and try to remember your teenage years. You might just remember you were actually very difficult yourself.

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