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    Are you a parent of an only child? Congratulations! Your child is more likely to get the undivided affection and attention every child deserves. The O
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    Bernice Lemmer

    This support group still going?
    I just had a chat with my boy. He feels so down, because he is struggling to find a playmate(been struggling for years), and he feels sad that he does not have a sibling. It also sounds like he gets mocked at school for being an only. I am trying my best to always arrange play dates when possible. But I don’t know what to say to him when he gets into this mood. It is so horrible to see him so lonely, I never intended for it to be this way. Hy is almost turning 10.


    Judith Tippets

    KitKat, I sure can imagine what your life with your daughter is like. I too am in rural Kansas, and my daughter is turning 3 this summer. I enrolled her in a toddler dance class so she could interact with someone other than Mommy, and her first class was a disaster! lol We’re going to try again next week, and work our way around the park and the library. Hopefully, she’ll find a friend or two. A friend of mine has also suggested a play date with her two year old daughter who has an older brother. I hope we can arrange to have them both along. She could see how siblings interact then. That would be an interesting experience for her, I think.
    I am just glad to know there is this resource for parents of onlies. My little doodlebug can be fiercely independent, which is both good and bad for a single mom like me to handle. I have to get a hold of that book!



    I have an only child and have felt pressure by lots of people around me asking when I will give up and have another. I, too, would love the book gift code in exchange for an Amazon review, but also for my son!


    elita little

    yep, finally, someone wants the opinion of the children themselves instead of focussing on parents of onlies.

    It is a miserable life, I can tell you. Not all the fun and roses this site, or any other only child site or resource or counsellor makes it out to be.

    I am 61, wife died a few years back. Never had children, not choice, but medical reasons. Its lonely as hell. I am well off, the wife had inherited quite a bit, and we were careful with money but lived well. My health is amazing, so I guess I’ll live for a few decades more – unless of course cancer gets me first like it did her. But there’s more to life than just living. I have no siblings, cousins that I have not seen in several decades. My parents were the most fantastic ones any one could have. I miss them to this day. I know mother couldn’t have more for medical reasons, but I just wish I wasn’t an only. People complain about siblings not getting along, but at least there is someone to fight with!!! On the plus side, the most wonderful childhood, good married life.
    I hope people talk to other only children before they make up their minds about having an Only child. Don’t just talk to other parents, or Wikipedia, or shrinks.



    Hi All visitors to the Only Child Project.

    Those of you who have requested for the free book offer in order to post a review, please note that the Amazon Gift Code will be sent a day after your request.

    Hope all of you had a great Xmas, and Wishing you and your Only Child a Happy New Year!!!!




    Can I please have the Kindle book?

    I love this site, and am a mother of an only child, girl, soon of be 5 years old. We live in rural Kansas, and you can imagine how hard it is meeting other parents of onlies. I looked at a few pages of the books by Loretta Campbell, and they look fantastic…eager to read it to my princess. You can Email the gift code to me, and I will get started on writing a review.



    Hi. Thanks for putting all this great info together. Nice to have such a great resource. I went through many of the articles, and have come back from time to time. Its nice to see that y’all have opened up the Discussions after a long pause.

    While some of the topics might be similar for all kids, I strongly believe that once a child has been stereotyped by others, it sticks. For a mother like me with an Only, it then becomes my unwelcome burden to dispel these idiotic stereotypes. My toddler is one of the most sharing and giving child, and the evidence is quite clear when we have these huge family gatherings.

    Christmas is an eye-opener. All the screaming and fighting 🙁 My little girl has this baffled look on her face when she sees kids fighting over toys 🙂

    Thanks you for being supportive!!! And bringing back my sanity (after the medical issues I had to go through and then give up and settling for just one).

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