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    Is Aloneness The Same As Loneliness? One of the vital concerns of parents of only children is “Will my child who is growing up alone turn into a “lone
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    Hello I am an only child. I have lots of friends; but I enjoy being alone. That does not mean I am lonely. I just like my quiet time.

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    Most of my life is catered to creating alone time, some of the planned alone times get interrupted with thoughts of someone’s company. (I wished for siblings) To this day that feeling of needing alone time is more important than finding company. Loneliness in my circumstance is a fleeting feeling usually triggered by an outside force. Needing to be alone knowing I can’t due to plans can bring on anxiety.

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    I have seen this argument go both ways. An only child that is a girl still was very outgoing and made friends when the chance was presented in the school years. On the other hand, another child that is has siblings that do not live at home essentially making him an only child to mom and dad, has very poor social skills and is likely to live at home with mom and dad for a long time. He is very alone, even with mom and dad in the same house.

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    Dave Masda

    As a child, I was alone often, but I had no problem with it. I preferred it at times. I had an active imagination and I could do so much with it. I did art, sang, learned to play an instrument and so on. Sometimes being alone is ideal, because we all need to be alone with ourselves from time to time.

    Alone time also builds character too, it helps a lot more than many would think.

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    I have seen a lot of kids that rely on their nannies more than on their parents and lack of time is not to blame for this. These people don’t know how to interact with their child, some of them perhaps as a direct consequence of having a similar childhood.

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