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    Parents Of Only Children And The Guilt Factor- The Only Child Pros and Cons For various reasons and in varied contexts, parents of only children feel
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    Loved reading the article. Came here because I read the book Because I am the Only Child, which was published by the Only Child Project- which I didn’t realize until after a few reads.

    My Tom loved it!!! I read it to him regularly now, takes care of many of the cons mentioned in this article! Hopefully books like this will take care of the negatives that people are always complaining about in Onlies! Guess these books are a good investment.



    I feel like the decision to have any number of children should be made right away. If you are going to have 1, just have 1 and plan according so that you do not have any surprises. Families are full-time work and I agree, but having a second child long after the first is only going to make things tough for that child.


    Jane Hoyle

    I am an only child and had hoped for a sibling at some point, but it never happened. My parents would talk about it often too, but for some reason never got to it. Though, they are considering adopting a child in a couple years, just to have a child in the home to take care of. I moved out about five years ago so they haven’t had to take care of me for quite a while and I think they miss that feeling of being a parent. I’m happy they’re considering adoption, and I hope to go through with it.

    I do believe my parents felt guilt for not having a second child, a brother or sister for me to play with, but I was okay with it.



    After I gave birth I felt like I shouldn’t leave the house without taking my daughter along. This happened for the next 2 years . My husband was the one that put an end to this and now I leave her either with my sister or his parents so we can have a quiet night for ourselves.

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