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    Time Alone For Your Only Child If you are one of those parents who feels guilty about an evening without a playmate or a play-engagement for your only
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    I am a kid who loves alone time. It rocks. I can do whatever I want, craft, read, meditate, and do a vast variety of other things. Being an only child, I am raised to enjoy the company of adults, which I enjoy more than a conversation with my 7th grade peers, who are very insecure, immature or both. I prefer the intellectual stimulation and cool stories that I get from talking to adults. Introverypted isn’t bad, it is creative and smart, but you have to learn to be like ” judge me I dare you” instead of being shy. I have never been shy, but introverted and calm like my father. I believe that the introverted and those who spend more time alone are more philosophical and calm, which in my case leads to happiness


    Brenda W.

    I think it is a benefit for an only child to be alone during the day at some point. That time is when they unwind and are able to be there own little person. If they cannot have friends around them all the time, having alone time is just as important.


    Lana Chapman

    They’re both right actually. The reason why is because everyone needs alone time some time, especially an only child. Even though and only child gets more alone time, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is still good to get them to spend time with other kids their age, but sometimes alone time will help them, it gives a child time to think and imagine. Being an only child was rough, but it felt great at times. To be not deal with a screaming brother or sister was a joy for me. I knew kids who had little sisters and brothers who were always crying or screaming and alone time was hard for them.

    With that said, an only child still needs to get out there and meet other children. It may be hard, but it must be done. They can’t have alone time forever.



    I remember loving alone time! I never thought of it as a punishment, in fact I was hoping for it. That was the time when I would invent games or be a little more creative than I used to be around my parents. I guess it all boils down to the strategy you use; my mother made it clear that alone time wasn’t a punishment; it was my chance to do things as I wished and to learn to appreciate small things.

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