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    Being an only child can impose a lot of pressure during times of discontent in the family. During divorce of their parents, only children often suffer more than children from larger families. Suggestions on how to make it easier on onlies.

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    Sorry that last post was meant to read Joanne – I was wondering how you are?



    I wonder how, Soohie – you got on with avoiding or proceeding with your divorce? I’m there right now and I’m so scared. I cannot bear the thought of telling my daughter- age 9. I want to pull this back from the brink so much …


    Emily Simms

    Being an only child and going through divorce is rough. An only child will most of the time believe that it was their fault. The parents need to address it and say that it was other things and not the child.



    Divorce is hard on everyone, but if it is the only “fix” then planning has to be done in order to ease the pressure on the child. Depending on the age of the child, of course, as an adult child is less affected in many ways.



    Despite all of our efforts, it seems my husband and I are headed towards divorce. The only thing that kept us going in the last 5 years is our dear Ellie. Now she’s 8 and you can tell our fights are pretty heavy on her but I can’t help but feel that she’d de devastated when we’ll divorce…

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