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    Article discusses the feelings of hurt and resentment of parents who have an only child not by choice but by medical or other factors. Coming to terms with your Only Child Family situation.

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    Blake’s mom: Sorry to hear your story. All I can say is that time will hopefully heal. Also, please remember that I have seen many multi-children families having siblings who have not spoken or seen each other for decades. Its sad, but I guess there are all kinds of families in society.
    Again, sorry to hear about your loss, and wishing you happiness.


    Blake’s Mom

    As an only child, I thought that I would also have only one. Then my entire immediate family passed away one by one. I am the only one left. Cousins are great, but I buried my Mother alone. When I left my cousins home, I was alone. In a quiet home alone. My cousins dont know what my moms hair smelled like. Sunday dinner. The fun things she said. The way she said my name. I don’t ever want my child to feel that pain. So, as sad as this story may be, nothing is worse than having to cry alone.


    Michael Jacobson

    I have one daughter at this point and time, and my wife and I really want to have kids. But it isn’t easy by any means. We’ve tried for our second child, but it hasn’t gone to well. But we’ve spoken and told each other that sometimes it may take time, and that it can happen at any time. I know a lot of people would hate the idea of not having a second child, but we’re having trouble. But, fighting will not help anything.



    I can see how the child would suffer more if there is no chance of seeing any siblings. That is when it is important to see cousins and friends as much as you can. That will usually eliminate some of the problems.

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