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    Why do people have only children? Article discusses the advantages of an only child- intelligence, achievement, self-esteem.

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    I am dismayed at this website… as a parent of an only child. Children without siblings are wonderful beings who learn how to get along in the world, share, and treat others respectfully – just by being in the world! I know many adults who are only children and they are well-adjusted citizens of the world who are just fine!


    Nick Rodney

    There is a lot of wonder when it comes to being an only child. I personally believe having a sibling will make life a bit easier, but things can be perfectly fine as an only child. Of course, an only child may have more than if a family had more than one child. But, having a sibling could help each other grow to be different people altogether. I personally think it depends on the upbringing. It all comes down to the parents and how they raise an only child or two or more children.



    I think there are way more disadvantages to having an only child, for the child. Compared to the disadvantages of having a larger family, for the parents. You should decide which is worse for you and your spouse before deciding that you cannot raise 1 child, or even a small family.

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